At iGlobal We help you adjust, rescue or create your identity.
Our collaborative process fuels the creation behind your expression; you are now more inviting, different and relevant.
This results in a shift in your audience’s behavior. They think of you differently than your competitors and are more curious than ever to experience you.
This sparks movement and perpetuates your growth. We provide that Journey!

iGlobal apps is the first incorporated mobile app development company in central Florida

  • Catering To All Small Businesses, Nonprofits, Municipalities and Large Corporations.
  • Our Clients Are: Regional, National & Global
  • Specializing in iOS/Android Development.
  • World Class Website Design/Development.Mobile Optimization/Responsive Design.
  • Enterprise App Solutions For Our Large Corporate Accounts.
  • Branding and Corporate Identity Development.

The whole idea behind iGlobal Apps is to help small businesses get their foot in the door of mobile marketing and commerce. Our company was developed specifically to help your business attract more customers and keep the ones you already have.

“Kevin is professional, prompt, and committed to his customers. He was able to design and launch my website and associated app from the ground up in a matter of days, helping me reach a deadline for marketing. I was amazed at his skill and expertise in solving problems, adding features, and his responsiveness working under the deadline. As a result of his ingenuity and skill, and his great communication, my business immediately benefited with several new clients and levels of work. He has been on top of these changes preparing to make my business more accessible to my clients with scheduling and e-commerce. As I grow, he adjusts and meets the demands. Kevin is more that just a developer, he cares about his clients, and maintains strong working relationship. It’s very reassuring to know he is right there when I need him. Thank you Kevin! You are my Super Tech Hero!! <3”
-August 25, 2015

Deanne DeForest, MSOT, BFA, CPT, RM - President and Owner of BodySong Wellness LLC

“Kevin is incredibly focused and was able to create our FSC Alumni app without much direction from us–since we had never had one before. We met to talk about what we needed the app to do and who would be using it and he made it happen. When we need to change directions or add something not in the original scope, he gets it done. Best of all, he kept us on schedule despite ourselves. – Very Impressive.”
-March 6, 2015

Betty Miller - Florida Southern College - Director of Alumni Relations at Florida Southern College

“Kevin designed the app for the National Kidney Foundation of Florida. He did this at no charge to our non-profit organization with very little direction. He regularly keeps in contact with me to make sure that he has any updated information that we would like added to the app. The app we have is very user friendly and accomplishes everything we need it to accomplish. I would definitely recommend Kevin and iGlobal Digital Media/Apps to everyone.”
-May 13, 2015

Shannon Graves-Rosser - National Kidney Foundation of Florida - Director of Programs and Operations

“Kevin is a remarkable and charismatic professional. I have had the distinct pleasure to work with him in his capacity as the Owner & President of iGlobal Apps. He has served The Citrus Council of the National Kidney Foundation of Florida very well.
Kevin has worked tirelessly for the NKFF in supplying the precise APP needed to support their constant fight in support of end stage renal disease patients and against kidney disease.
He does his homework, knows his issues, plans ahead and is always a well-prepared and consummate professional. Being proactive is one of his strengths as he is organized and timely.
Working with Kevin has been an enjoyable experience and I highly recommend seeking out opportunities to do business with him.
Any organization or business that employs his very capable skills can only excel and succeed after the event. Kevin Vaughn is a winner!
He is a high-level communicator, organized professional and a very detail oriented individual, a versatile colleague.”
-October 15, 2013

Terence J. Stevens - Business Developer at Barter Rewards of Polk County



A good story deserves to be told, but where exactly does our audience look for, or expect, us? -Don't let them down. Be there and be prepared!